Rational Team Concert and WebSphere Integration Developer

January 10, 2011

This is a short post documenting a little procedure I needed to follow in enabling WebSphere Integration Developer (WID) v7.0.0.3 to work with a Rational Team Concert v7 repository. This is another “it’s obvious in hindsight” story, but maybe it will save someone else some time.

WID is a development environment for WebSphere Process Server (WPS) and WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus (WESB). Using WIDS you can develop and test BPEL processes and WESB Mediations. Until recently I was using WID v6.x and keeping my source code in CVS. Joining a new project I upgraded to WID v7.0.0.3 and discovered that the project used Rational Team Concert (RTC). Now RTC has been around since about 2008 but this is the first time I’ve had chance to use it. So before getting to my installation gotcha a brief aside about RTC.

Rational Team Concert

Although my initial interest in RTC is just to store my source code and and work with a couple of team members on a small project a quick survey of the material at the Rational Team Concert site shows the scope is potentially much greater. Chatting to a colleague in the Rational team the things that caught my attention were:

  • Support for agile development methods, parallel development and continuous ingtegration
  • Highly configurable and extensible stream based approach – you can write client or server-side plugins, OSGi styles
  • Support for distributed development teams

I particularly like the concept of suspending a set of changes to temporarily work on something else. So, note to self “need to read more about this”.

Connecting WID and RTC

My version of WID came with the v1.0 RTC plugin, the repository the team are using needs v2.0. Should be easy: Installation Manager get some updates, got a RTC v2.0 client. Installation complete. Relaunch WID, attempt to connect to repository … and fails! Same error, apparently I’m still a v1.0 client. Check in Help-> About … and yes, I do indeed still have a v1.0 client.

Very odd. Llet’s uninstall the old version of the client and then install the new one. Still no joy, I’m still on v1.0! So I get suspcious, this seems like yet another case where launching Eclipse with –clean is needed. Eclipse has a plug-in cache which on occasion needs to flushed. This article gives rather more detail, about –clean and a few other wrinkles.

And still no joy. At this point I got help from my colleague Steve, who has been a Rational chap (in all senses) for many years. He’s got a nice article here about some RTC integration.

The Answer: the right notes in the right order

The answer was indeed to use –clean, but it seems that the order of actions is crucial. The steps we took were:

  1. Launch the IBM Install Manager, select Modify and choose to uninstall the v1 Rational Team Concert Clent for Eclipse.
  2. Exit the Install Manager. Launch WID using the –clean option.
  3. Exit WID, launch the Install Manager again, select Modify, and install the v2 Rational Team Concert Client for Eclipse.
  4. Relaunch WID.

The crucial point being to perform the clean immediately after the v1 uninstall.


One Response to “Rational Team Concert and WebSphere Integration Developer”

  1. Welcome to RTC land Dave. Glad Steve got you up and running. Give me a shout if you need any more help with RTC.


    p.s You post made it to Google Alert this morning.

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